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google analytics metrics

4 Important Google Analytics Metrics You Should Know and Understand

Google Analytics Metrics – If we talk about website, it is said that the website is divided into equal parts, where the content quality and understanding of the target audience is essential, as even if your content quality is unique, if one is not knowing about your target audience, then it is hard to succeed

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digital marketing for startups

How To Get Started With Digital Marketing for Startups in 2020?

It has been proved that around 90 percent of startups failed within a few years of commencing the business. But what is the reason behind this? Well, the primary reason is poor marketing strategies. If you have an idea and want to start your own business, then it is quite essential to understand the startup

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digital marketing content

7 Ways To Create More Effective Digital Marketing Content

Digital marketing content is a strategic and technical approach to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content for the audience to attract them. It is a form of marketing which aims at the profitable, targeted audience and creates, publishes, and distributes content for them. Content marketing is very important as it helps to improve

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Marketing Campaigns

How to Adapt Marketing Campaigns to the Changing Digital Landscape?

well-designed marketing campaigns can showcase your brand as a definite “something” in the mind of your customers which helps to generate leads. Marketing refers to how a company plans to raise awareness of its brand and persuade customers to purchase, which is our goal. Regarding campaigns, an advertising campaign can be an aspect of the

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Media Performance Using Google Analytics

5 Steps to Improve Media Performance Using Google Analytics

The marketers can easily gain deeper insights, may create smarter campaigns or can drive better business outcomes through google analytics and google ads. Today’s customers are also very smart and active and they want the right message at the right time. Actions for improving Media Performance using google analytics There are various types of marketing

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