Digital marketing becomes more important 2020 | DigiDir

As Corona – Virus Spreads, Digital Marketing Becomes more Important than Ever

The corona – virus pandemic around the world has caused some major economic downfalls in various countries. When everything is going haywire, the only benefit that we have right now is the internet and increased connectivity. It has helped various companies to take their business online and to propagate work from home ways of working.

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Google EAT Score | DigiDir

Google E-A-T Score: Why Does It Matter for Improving Website Ranking?

Google E-A-T Score is indeed the acronym used as the structure by Google as well as an SEO services for deciding which web pages or the websites demonstrate the expertise, knowledge, authoritativeness, and the trustworthiness on the given topic. Sites of high E-A-T ratings are the ones that communicate expertise on the issues requiring accuracy, the authority via quality content, and the credible

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