Must know the Top Strategies to Use Pinterest for Business

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This is the perfect time to use Pinterest for business. With the gradual change in the sector of social media networks, Facebook or Twitter are not anymore the be-all and end-all of the game. Since Facebook has also purchased Instagram, Pinterest has emerged to be a hotcake in the field of business. Pinterest is the perfect place to connect with influences as space is still relatively new and not overcrowded like the other networks. One of the greatest strengths of Pinterest is the integrated features of business accounts.

So, it’s high time to get away from the other, more popular social media sites and turn towards this one-of-a-kind untapped resource in the market – PINTEREST.

Now, there are a few strategies that one needs to understand and follow to use Pinterest for business. Here go the top strategies

Quality Content –

To use Pinterest for business, the first and foremost thing to remember is the quality of the pins. Pinterest is all about visual content. The first and foremost thing is to grab the attention of pinners; and, for that, the pin needs to be visually striking. Since almost 85% of the pinners use Pinterest on a cellphone, it is imperative that the pins should be vertical images of high resolution and quality. The font of the text in the picture, if any, should be chosen carefully so that it receives immediate attention from the users. To add emphasis, the text should have a headline. And, needless to say, the words and the visual design should be striking enough to keep the audience hooked. Finally, the addition of the logo ensures that the specific pin of one’s brand doesn’t get lost while re-shuffling.

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Profile Branding –

The branding of a profile is of extreme importance when one has to use Pinterest for business. The branding of a profile gives one access to analytics, rich pins, and so on. Firstly, there needs to be a Cover Board that shows pins from that board at the very top of someone’s profile. The cover board is the perfect place to add a branded board that consists of blog posts, graphics, product shots, and other designs from one’s company. There can even be a slide from one board to the other featuring one’s product, service, or even website. Profile picture plays quite an essential role in the branding of a profile. Lastly, verification of the website is a significant step towards profile branding. To have a verified website, WordPress plugins might be of assistance, or even one’s developer can come forward and help.

Frequent and Consistent Pinning –

Consistent pinning ensures reach to a wider audience. Filling up a board at once is amateurish and ineffective. Audience Insight and other leads from Pinterest are there to determine when content gets the maximum amount of engagement. Pins should be posted when a major section of one’s audience is online, thereby making it easy to use Pinterest for business.

Optimization of Pinterest SEO –

Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, keywords are at the core of discovering content on Pinterest. Basically, keywords should be present everywhere:

  • on company,
  • board and pin names
  • Descriptions of board and names. 
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Along with keywords, Hashtags are also in demand right now since it is because of Hashtags that pinners can follow the ones they are interested in and also the trending topics they are looking for. The other ways of optimizing SEO on Pinterest are pinning content from one’s website and boosting engagement. Getting the SEO optimized is definitely an effective way to generate business from Pinterest. There are various SMO services present all around which prove to be of great help in terms of optimization of SEO in Pinterest.

Engagement with Followers –

The few things to keep in mind while trying to cater to a wider audience are:

  • The number of accounts that are following you or you are following
  • The number of pins you have
  • The number of boards you have.

Replying to comments on your own pins and commenting on your followers’ pins are very healthy ways to engage with your audience while getting to know them. Building a relationship with influences is imperative to have sales from Pinterest. Thus, engaging with followers and influences is one of the perfect ways to use Pinterest for business.

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