Best Way to Fix Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Best Way to Fix Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Has there ever been a moment when you see your Google Analytics and noticed an unfamiliar influx of referral traffic to your site? You have not run specific advertising or published an especially memorable part of the content and quickly gone viral. You are not completely sure what is occurring and why. To get the correct data that indicates your analytics perfectly, you will need to get shed of the referral spam for good. How should you trade with this wonder influx and unwanted spam? Study thoroughly to fix the problem.



This may be because of referral spam mixing with the referral traffic data in Google Analytics. This transpires when a website gets referral traffic that is not human-based still is from spambots or applications. This data is then entered into the Google Analytics account, mixing with the data and building issues with reporting. Referral spam originates from all over the world and is seldom simple to spot. Other times, it can be a little more covert, but you should be watching for referral traffic with a bounce rate of 100%, or none at all—indications are that this is a spam website.

If you are still not assured, visit the site for yourself, and you will determine if it is causing real traffic or not. If you pick this route, be provided with an outstanding anti-malware program installed. The method behind referral spam is to return website requests using a rascal referral URL to the website that the spammer is trying to advertise. Ghost spam is when the spammer has never even visited the website attempted, and this is what those fake visits are called.

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How to fix referral spam in Google Analytics

Filters in Google Analytics are complex, and filtered data cannot be recovered. This is why you should never build an unfiltered view for your site, as it lets you see data that may have been mistakenly filtered out. It assists you in monitoring the amount of spam your site gets even after implementing filters to eliminate it.

Building an unfiltered view for your site’s Analytics account is secure. Begin from the Admin screen (the Admin button is located at the bottom, left-hand corner), tick View Settings below the View panel (right-hand panel).

Begin by renaming your popular view, “All Web Site Data” by error, to “Master View” by editing the name in the View Name field. Click Save.

If you scroll up to the top, you will notice a button near the top right-hand part of the screen labeled “Copy View.” Click it, name the new view “Unfiltered View,” and click Copy View to prove it.

You may also need to go back to Master View and replicate this process to build another view called “Test View.” You can practice this view to test new filters before using them in the master view.

You now have an unfiltered, and maybe test, view in Google Analytics. If you implemented filters to your master view, separate them from the unfiltered and test ideas. If you didn’t, you’d get a notification about extreme views fromGoogle Analytics, which you can carefully ignore.


Fix Referral Spam in Google Analytics


Final thoughts

Referral spam can wreak destruction on your site’s analytics. It can do it look like you have more runs and a higher bounce charge than you do. That’s why it’s necessary to block referral spam in your reports.


Just be assured of having three different views for your site—one master view, one for unfiltered data, and one for testing. Double-check the Filters section for your unfiltered distance to ensure none, as you must monitor what gets blocked.


While this study focused on referral spam, it is essential to note other ways you can filter spam in Google Analytics.


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