7 Ways to Use Videos to Enhance and Elevate Your Social Media Marketing

video marketing by social media

Social Media Marketing is currently one of the most popular mediums for better promotion and for people to start acknowledging your brand. The vast engagement on social media makes it a hotspot for attention.

Irrespective of age and socio-economic culture, people are on various platforms and do spend a considerable amount of time surfing through. But one thing that works like a charm every time is using the technique of video marketing when it comes to social media marketing.

People are more prone to notice videos than taking up the agony of actually reading long paragraphs. Hence, if you really want to up your marketing game, videos could go a long way. Search engine optimization (SEO) and ensuring that your videos top the chart is a great way to boost forth.


Understand the concept of video Marketing by SMM

Well, you might be really wondering, what is the need to go for marketing through social media at all? The best part about social media is that you could cater to a multitude of audiences!

The age limit could be varied and one could easily get the proper outlet.

When it comes specifically to videos, the attention span actually acts as a catalyst. Ponder truthfully, how many of us actually go through long posts and that too advertisement related?

Social video marketing

However when it comes to videos, very often we do give that few seconds to understand what the entire concept is revolving around. There are quite a few social media marketing firms that have taken up the onus and create the best videos for better engagement.


The top 7 tricks for creating better social media engagement with videos

Although there is no hard and fast rule as to what might work in favor of you, there are quite a few tricks that can really help you get better performance.


1. Always go for short videos

Yes, that is a trick that can work wonders irrespective of business genres. The normal attention level of humans does not go above 30 seconds.

Therefore it is always a good idea to go for videos that convey the message in less than the first thirty seconds. This might actually give a great boost and consequently, the outcome could be really favorable.


2. Try to get human interaction

Rather than just focussing on the product try to get some humans as well. This just increases the one on one interaction and leaves a lasting impact.

People seem to form a better connection and therefore the possibilities of getting influenced also increases manifold.


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3. High-Quality Video

Nobody likes to watch videos that are low on resolution right? When the picture quality is good and vivid, automatically people will pay much more attention.

Your audience will automatically expect a greater visual experience just because there have been so many advancements worldwide particularly when it comes to videos.


4. Speak on trending topics

Yes, having an opinion is very important and does attract a lot of people. Once your brand speaks on topics of public concern, automatically the audience will believe that you care.

It will really help to build a positive attitude towards your company.


5. Collaborate with social media influencers

There are quite some big names when it comes to social media marketing. These individuals generally tend to have a lot of followers.

Once you collaborate with them and propagate how your brand has been endorsed by the star, automatically the number for sales would rise.

Isn’t that wonderful?


6. Make an experience perfect for mobile users

It is almost certain that the majority percentage of the audience will see the videos only via mobile phones. Therefore it is always desirable that you shoot videos that fit the mobile experience as well.


7. Premium Quality Editing

It is advisable that when you want to create a good image online, go for professional editing. This will ensure that only professional-quality material is uploaded and people have a better user interface.


There are no standardized rules for SMM and feel free to devise your own standing points depending on the situation. The more you dive deep and analyze the market, the better will be your output under every circumstance.