How Growth Hacking Helps In Business

Growth Hacking Strategies

“Growth hacking” has turn out to be a most trendy word in Start-Up business  through Content Marketing in the past years. A large number of marketers in the technology world are familiar with this new trendy conception; however there are so many people still are not familiar with it. Growth Hacking Helps in business wildly now a days.

How We Achieve Target Business Through Growth Hacking:

Well Growth hacking is becoming popular now and it has different explanations exists in the research area. It is a most influential concept now a days to grow your business in terms of customer acquirement.

In fact I feel little witty to say that this concept is already have been using by so many business without even knowing this.

In fact I am using this concept and I must say I am pretty much able to grow my business from scratch to flourished. Now I recommending you to try this idea at least for once. I will try to edify you about Growth hacking strategies.

One thing I want to tell you here growth hacking has so many different ways of philosophy if we talk about the Marketing.


If we pay attention to the word “hacker” we suppose to assume that somebody who is eminent for handling programs or function related to the IT realm.

We can also say that  someone who is a creative thinker, who does not follow the old and conventional rules of marketing.

Also, at the same time someone has a creativeness, unique and novel marketing strategy. In other words, a growth hacker is person having creative quality and organized marketing strategy for client acquisition.

We can say “growth hacking” is rather we say act of promoting your business in creative manner as well as some analysis is also required.

Basically, to sell and promote your business at certain level with different types of services and stuff. The technique and strategy now days used what we called a “Growth marketing”.

Here I am trying to explicating you in an easy way to clear more about this topic.

The moment you start thinking to promote your business plan you observe the entire process which may takes a long time, months or years. If company have a big budget to promote their products it make sense to consider it.

But if your company is a small market in fact you do not have a large variety of products to sale. The marketing team and implementation team combine together in a very energetic manner.

Sometime this energetic team has not measured the cost complexities. To help these kinds of start-Up companies “Growth Hacking” comes into picture as a new marketing technique.

Basically, “Growth Hacking” helps you out to grow in every manner in your business. Focusing on every aspect  like market reach, client acquisition, market trends also including cost.

 Notional Background:-

The “growth hacking” theory come into view in the earliest 2010 and introduced by Sean Ellis. The only purpose to introduce this concept is taking help of someone to attain more business. Afterward, Andrew Chen defines the “growth hacker” as somebody who is building everything likely to draw new business prospects.

Actually, growth hacking is the latest type of viral marketing where the most occupied consumer refer their friends, professional experts and people of same mind.

A growth hacker is an unusual arrangement where anyone having marketing skills along with technical can turn up into the intelligent marketing hacker.

If we talk about the “Google Trends”, where we can calculate the dimensions of search traffic over the Internet. We can also observe when the word growth hacking witnessed for the first time. I have already shared this in upper section.

Here, is the picture to understand well about “Growth Marketing”



Now we discuss about why “Growth marketing” is different from “Traditional Marketing”

Difference between Growth Hacking and Traditional Marketing:

Though we know that a growth hacker is somewhat like a marketing expert, still they are someone who does their work differently in comparison to Traditional Marketing.

In a way “Growth hacking” is moreover like “Traditional marketing” they have same goal but they have different approach to attain this goal.

If we talk about the Growth marketing this is the technique which is low in cost but achieves the market goals very fast and it lasts long.

Whereas in Traditional Marketing it is cost effective approach where you have to pay a lot of amount in advertisement, commercials ads, billboards, media etc. But still not sure to achieve desired goal.

  • In traditional marketing the experts have creative and artistic background. Whereas in Growth marketing technical background is not that necessary.
  • Traditional marketing experts have usual approach to find a growth solution. While growth hackers are creative to find solution.
  • Here, Marketers rarely have any overview of the product and business strategies. In Growth marketing they have a sound knowledge about the business, product and recent market trends.
  • Marketers required sales team who is fit to sell the product but in Growth marketing they make their product to fit for the sales.
  • Marketing product has to advertise through various channels of promotion. In growth marketing product itself behave as a Distribution Channel.
  • Traditional Marketers are mostly focused on brand awareness and promotions. Growth Hackers are defined for actionable and for particular goals.


Methodology used in Growth hacking

The basic method I must say which I also prefer is to give quality to your clients. In other words ensure that your company is enough capable to provide good quality of products as well as services.

In this manner, your product gets automatically recommendation by other possible customers. If you are paying for Advertisement, the product can be endorsed via social media ads, mobile ads, TV, radio ads etc.

If you can offer a Part Time Jobs it also takes you to the possible clients through the information we called publicity which is equally important.

Also, they can send emails to your prospects else they can create on line pages for your product and services. By using viral content from any viral videos or any kind of viral news and convert it into creative graphics to attract on line viewers.

As a result you can get various potential clients. Also there is a well known concept of E-mail Advertising takes place to grab new customers.

Now, we also discuss how growth hacking is different from digital marketing?

 Difference between Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing:

We already discussed about Growth Hacking. Now we are departing to Digital marketing soon after we discuss diversity among them.

Digital Marketing is a worldwide popular to endorse brands, business, goods or services via different online channels, tools and strategies.

Basically, it’s a procedure in which we generally use different digital marketing stratagem to convert our business policies in to potential audience.

Mainly these stratagem are defined to grab a traffic which can be converted into loyal customers who returning their business again and again.

Now, we are finally going to discuss How Digital marketing is different from growth marketing.

Basically, they both are very much similar both are using the same channels and also they have similar persona. But their way of workings are little different.

In one line I would say Digital marketers are typically attentive only in client acquirement.

Whereas growth hacker’s focal point lying on all the segments of sales and product based strategies.

Despite the fact that marketers pursue a long-term pathway and focus on a product and acquaintances.

Growth hackers having only one focus i.e. the term “Growth”. They are very much focused in this part that’s why they attain more business in comparison to Digital Marketing.

AARRR Funnel

This is the AARRR Framework to evaluate and optimize each and every phase of sales and marketing for client Acquisition.

Now we discussed about Growth Hacking, Strategies, differences with other Marketing Channels. Now it’s high time to discuss about the “Growth hackers”. As this is the one who is only responsible for whole process.

Growth hacker

If we articulate that a growth hacker is one who is a Multi- tasker, Creative, Analytical and Focused to accomplish a certain purpose.

The expertise required for this line of work is actually a mixture of marketing skills, Analyzing skills, Product understanding, and innovative thought to handle any state of affairs.

What actually growth hackers execute is they come up with a distinctive approach to generate profit in business they are able to spread your product even worldwide.

Also they can bring new consumer and can raise income, with less expenses.

To attain results to next level generally growth hackers depends on different techniques: which  includes SEO, website measurement,references, Testing, Content Writing,  users feedback, social media Activities, Mouth publicity etc.

You can easily judge a “Growth Hacker” through their different Traits. Now we are going to discuss about personal Traits of Growth hacker.


Personal behavior of a Growth Hacker

A growth hacker desires to be:

  • Attentive – This is the main concern which every hacker should consider on priority basis. They cannot even afford to remain inactive.
  • Obsessive – They have to be passionate about their work until and unless they achieve their targets.
  • Accountable – They supposed to be a responsible individual who is majorly responsible for the Profit and Loss.
  • Inventive – If we talk about this actually this is the major trait to find latest strategy, medium, and uncultivated opportunity.
  • Innovative and Inquisitive – An innovative thinker, can handle Risk, think out of the box, can find some creative and innovative ideas to grow and achieve.
  • Quick learner – Updated with the technology and tools, eager to learn and achieve something, technology friendly.
  • Activist –Good listener, stimulating behavior and brainwave to taking ideas from others.


Above is the graphical depiction of the Growth hacking.

In this structure there are three important fundamentals that collectively presenting a good growth hacker what everything he wants to create growth. Here, are the three elements: Distribution, Tools & Goals.

Conclusions and upcoming research:

Wrapping this topic I am sure now you have really a well understanding of this topic “Growth hacking”. Let’s decide the person who reads if it’s a good quality of content or not.

Growth hacking is a concept of growing your business in such a way that your business becomes one of the most popular brand in the whole world with minimal cost involved.

Growth Marketing can prove as a powerful tool for your business in this changing world.

As market is changing soon, I recommend every business man should think about this concept once. Growth hacking is absolutely a mode of thinking and approaching the market with audacity of doing amazing work.

For Future aspects this topic is based on survey on some market start-up’s measurement and benefits attained through this concept.

For now, i am terminating this with belief that this will absolutely create a revolutionary change and produce a result to conquer your business where you want to grow.

The initiative that this marketing technique is growing very promptly it will definitely turn out to be trendier than other advertising technology till date.

To position it as undemanding, the reason is to build the most essential considerable marketing standards increasing persistently.

Awfully important and someway very distinctive fact that this is a thriving expansion supposed to occupy  from Zero(0) to millions , Billions must say even more in coming years for startup businesses.