How to Achieve Link Building Through Content Marketing

Building Links with Great Content

SEO is a persistently transforming the Digital Marketing industry. Though, there is something which remains unchanged – I am talking about “Backlinks” which established as a most influential Google ranking factor.

If you want to enhance your site’s SEO to a large extent and to increase ranking in Google, Link Building through Content marketing is one of the best concept now days.

Building Links with Great Content:

Link building is to obtain various links as much as possible into your site.I would say Backlinks are important to generate Traffic. If we talk about previous time obtaining links from substandard sites, discussion forums, and remarks or comments that you wrote on different sites were all fair game.

But at present the things have been changed and you must have to generate the links search engines can trust. Obtaining links that Google will trust is very tricky. But we have a solution for this is what called “Content marketing”.

Basically, Link building is the keystone of SEO. Any business needs to know that building links to their site is very important to get good rank in Google. Here, we discuss about Building Links through content marketing by which we can acquire more business.

Link Building:-

The problem is what does it actually mean and how it is important to grab more business. Here, is a solution for all questions. I am focusing on more detail to make you understand about this topic.

Link building is the practice of receiving links from other websites, and to get that links in our target page “Content Marketing” plays major role. Nevertheless, each content will give you back links every times.

The internet is packed with large amount of content so it’s difficult to find out from where to take this. Just to publish content and to come up with the visitors to link it is not enough.

Here, below is the Average no. of external Baclinks as per the source:

Content marketing is subsists today but it has a problem: ample of content is getting shared by viewers, but only as a referral in the place of backlinks.

Generally business and Publications has given some ascription in the form of quotes and some links to other’s social media, but they are not constantly given tangible links which is actually needed for SEO and to get benefits from the traffic.

One more important thing to remember is publishing your content on the potential sites matters a lot than to put it on various sites. If honest and truthful sources throw backlinks to your site it will definitely considered as more trustworthy site.

Google absolutely focuses on reputation over quantity. Acquiring good quality of backlinks is not easy practice.

I hope now you have clear picture about the term “Link building” and its benefits to grow your business. Considering all the things in the mind there are some ways to increase strategies for building links is below mentioned:

  1. Create helpful, eminent and worth content that should be appealing and liable to be linked.
  2. Try to catch right or potential people and distribute it through the right channel.

Now, we will discuss how we make our content able to get links which is essential part of building links.

How to build our content capable to get links:

So the first question arises in our mind is how we create potential content to make it Linkable? First of all we need to understand why content is important for SEO? To make our content promising so that might people will give you link.

Always remember your content might facilitate someone else in their business so make sure you have taken all precautions before publishing it in your webpage.

According to the survey, 74% of businessman refers to “more website traffic” as a result of publishing data from studies and surveys:

Survey of Building Links
Survey of Building Links

And another 49% of marketers approved that this type of content works wonder to get backlinks.

Survey of Building links
Survey of Building links

Here are some important facts to keep in mind when you inscribe your potential content:

1. Authentic and innovative Case study:

When you follow good quality material to study and when u have complete information about the topic definitely it helps you to give original statistics and authentic information.

So if somebody reads your content ant they want to mention your information so they have no other mode rather to give you links which is actually you want from them.

2. Use Info graphics as much you can:

Visual effects and images are capable enough to support your content linkable. Images and attractive visual content, video is a key game for capturing site visitors and to stay them long in your website. It becomes easy to get link from them as they will enjoy your content.

3.  Content circulation to potential user

Once you done to make your content promising it is also very important to take your content to the right person otherwise it may diminish your effort which you have done for making your content impactful.

Distribution plays major role to convert site visitors in your client because if medium is not correct one so there is no mean to distribute it, it has to be reach at correct end users then only there are chances to get good amount of traffic. You have to promote your content to the right people through the right channel.

After publishing good quality of content you have to ensure that the amazing content you prepared is distributing properly to the right people which is also essential part of this procedure.


Here,I must say that creating innovative, approachable and informative content plays essential role to get high quality backlinks also it helps you to improve your SEO. The concept of backlinks recently came in the picture and it works wonder in this Digital Marketing world. Basically one and only thing you have to do is make your content valuable and potential to get backlinks. Your content should be linkable content through this you will surely get your Target audience.