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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare Industry That Increased Leads by 400%

The internet has emerged as the most potent information source in the modern world. As a matter of fact, around 60% of people on the globe use search engines to find necessities. Patients' approaches to seeking medical attention have changed in both the public and private healthcare sectors.

In today's digital age, healthcare providers must establish a strong online presence to connect with current and potential patients. At DigidDir, we specialize in creating bespoke digital marketing strategies that enhance your visibility, engage your audience, and drive results. Discover how our expertise can transform your online presence.

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At Healthcare DMS, we partner with several healthcare practices all over India to provide efficient, scalable digital marketing plans, custom-designed to suit their specific needs.

As a healthcare digital marketing agency, we offer the following online marketing services:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions by influencers and brands.

Certainly, we've engaged in more 2000+ collaborations with the influencers in our network. Those who underperform are removed from our network, while those who excel are acknowledged and incentivized, encouraging them to achieve even better outcomes.

We work with influencers who maintain an active presence on Instagram and YouTube. They have follower counts spanning from 1,000 to 10 million, covering a wide range of content categories. Nevertheless, our particular expertise lies in collaborating with nano and micro-influencers, whose follower counts typically fall between 1,000 and 50,000. These influencers predominantly create content in areas such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, food, travel, and various other niches.

Various influencers fulfil distinct roles. Macro and mega influencers assist in establishing a brand's image, whereas nano and micro-influencers excel in fostering genuine word-of-mouth marketing. This is why numerous brands are currently allocating a significant portion of their budget toward nano and micro-influencers. The primary reason for this shift is the remarkable return on investment (ROI) they offer. These influencers are often willing to engage in barter agreements and boast notably high engagement rates. As a result, this practice substantially reduces both the cost per mile (CPM, i.e., cost per thousand views) and the cost per engagement (CPE).

As a leading influencer management agency, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, from influencer discovery to campaign analytics. We pride ourselves on our expertise, dedicated team, and tailor-made strategies for each client.

Absolutely! Instagram influencer marketing is one of our specialties. Our team has vast experience in identifying the right influencers on Instagram and creating campaigns that resonate with their followers.

Social media influencer marketing allows brands to tap into the trusted and loyal following of influencers. By collaborating with influencers, brands can boost awareness, drive engagement, and increase conversions in an organic and authentic way.

We're proud to be recognized as one of the best influencer marketing agencies due to our commitment to excellence, innovative approach, and successful track record in driving tangible results for our clients.

Influencer marketing companies, including ours, use a range of metrics to measure campaign success, such as engagement rates, reach, clicks, conversions, ROI, and more. We provide detailed reports to our clients showcasing the effectiveness of their campaigns

Our range of influencer marketing services includes influencer discovery, campaign strategy and design, analytics, content creation support, campaign management, and post-campaign reporting.

Getting started is simple! Reach out to us through our contact page, and one of our dedicated team members will guide you through the process, understanding your goals, and recommending the best approach for your brand.

While we cater to a wide variety of industries, our team has particular expertise in sectors like fashion, beauty, tech, travel, and more. Regardless of your niche, our diverse influencer network ensures we can find the perfect fit for your brand.

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