How to Write Clickable Content for Social Media?

Write Clickable Content for Social Media

You run a blog or a website. That’s very good.

You give shape to your ideas and thoughts on your website.


It may happen that your website is a representation of your own brand that you run.


Maybe you just share your ideas with your readers.

Everything under the sun is fine as far as you are not hurting anyone.


The problem lies elsewhere.

What if you notice that there is not a single view of your site? And, likes and shares are a faraway story. What do you do then?


What you do is you straight away think that ‘This is not my cup of tea. I should perhaps try my hand at something else.’

But, let me tell you…

… This is your problem! You don’t like to find out the actual reason behind why there is not a single view on your site. You do not probe deeply into the matter. Instead, you end up in a very nasty thing… the blame game!

And when you notice that the non-living pitiable creature, your website has no mouth to protest, you invest more and more blame upon it!

But… before you start blaming the website or your blog, rewind back 10 or 20 minutes of your life and just analyze. Think – ‘are you doing the right thing?’

Ask yourself, is that the proper way to react to a miserable creature?


How can you have the heart to mud sling something that you have created by your own hands!!!


What should be the ultimate solution?


There’s only one solution – you have to learn the art of social media marketing!

For that…

You need to know Social media content writing Tips.

Social media marketing is the process through which you attract a lot of traffic. In a nutshell, you gather a lot of attention with the help of your social site.


Social media itself does not need any introduction. It is such an attractive platform!

It is in that one platform that you can try out so many social actions.

Take the example of Twitter. It is a social site that allows people to share short messages or similar other updates.

On the other hand:

Facebook too is a social platform but for a variety of purposes. You can upload messages, post updates, photos, share links, join events, be a part of a group and the list goes on and on.

To know more, read some of the social media quick tips in this write-up.


You must wonder…

… How is marketing related to social media?


Both the marketing field and social media today are interrelated.

Gone are the days when you used to market your business only through the medium of billboards, pamphlets, or mere newspaper advertisements.

It is high time that you adopt the social media content writing tips and tricks if you have to create a jam in your website.


Social media is in the constant process of searching and discovering something new. This is the search activity of social media. Also, social media helps to build up links that turn out to some supportive SEO tips.

Writing for social media is an art!

As a whole, it is known as the content marketing business.

But what is it?


Content marketing is a kind of marketing process that allows you to create and share online materials. But, keep in mind. Your content in content marketing should not aim at promoting a particular brand. On the other hand, content marketing deals with the intention of stimulating and heightening your interest in a product or service.

The aim of your content should be to engage your target audience through the content that you are producing. Besides, you have to push the potential consumer action as well.

Another most important factor that can drive your website crazy is to invest in QUALITY content and not the quantity.


Your brands and businesses are intruding into the lives of your target audience.

So, if you have to push your website and make it in the rat race, you have to engage people in meaningful content rather than simply using just promotional rhetoric.

As has already been mentioned that writing for social media is an art, you can understand that it requires certain skills.

When you find no one clicking on your link, know that there are certain specific reasons.

One of the vital reasons is poor copywriting.

To enhance your website more and put it to another level, follow some innovative copywriting tips for social media.

They are given below:

  • Define and illustrate your USP

Your business should have a unique selling proposition that makes it different from the others. You need to answer the questions like – Why customers will buy your product. Or what your product has that others don’t?

Once you have found out the answer, your next move will be to frame it in as few words as possible.

Distinct, crisp, and understandable are the adjectives that should define your content.

  • Concentrate on the benefits other than the features

You are free to pick out the features of your products and services. At the same time, you have to illustrate the benefits of each feature that you highlight.

The benefits will stimulate three important aspects of a reader. They are:

  1. Emotion
  2. Needs
  3. Wants


You need to bank upon these three things of the human mind. Of course, it should be done through your web content.

Whatever you post should emotionally stimulate the reader.

  • Use PAS policy

There is a formula for upon which are dependent on all the effective social media writing samples. It is the PAS formula.

If you expand PAS, it stands for ‘Problem, Agitate, and Solution’.

The main idea behind it is you have to give rise to a common problem, and then focus on the disadvantages or problems that it can lead to and finally, talk about the results.

  • Input strong action verbs

Your post should consist of three main things –

  1. Clear
  2. Concise
  3. To the point


These three things can be easily achieved by implying active verbs. This will make readers understand each and every sentence clearly.

Also, avoid elongating sentences.

Keep in mind, your idea too should have a touch of authenticity and uniqueness into it. Otherwise, you lose the game!

  • Leave them hanging

If you are an active person in social media, you will come across lines like:

‘What happened next?’

‘You will find something shocking after you know the actual truth’

‘How does it feel to enjoy the services of such and such product or service?’

These are nothing but like an introduction to a story. This piques the interest to the readers to reach to the next paragraph for reading more.

  • Use conversational ‘YOU’

Using the word ‘YOU’ may not feel pleasant to a wide section of the audience but you will surely be successful in involving specific demography that you are targeting upon.

A good copywriting comes up with a direct conversation rather than something in a roundabout way.

In a nutshell, you have to stop beating around the bush at once!

The direct tone makes readers pay more attention.

  • Initiate a sense of urgency

This is a very effective tool that you must utilize. A lot of it depends on the nature of the human.

If you take a keen notice of the situation around you, you will see that we humans fear missing out. It is as if you miss out on something important, you are going to regret it for your whole life.


Most of the customers do not understand that it is nothing but just a marketing strategy.

  • Give a clear call to action

Your website should have the aim of pulling your customers to a specific website.

After all:

It is your website that you want to popularize. You have to push your website so that it is likable by all. Make sure that your content is driving the customers to buy your product, or subscribe to your service.

Mention in your content phrases like ‘start quizzing’, ‘buy soon’, or ‘hurry up!’ etc.

  • Involve facts or interesting quotes

This is something that you should never ignore.

You never want your brand or story to fade out from the minds of the public. Neither do you want them to dislike your website?


Along with the previous tips that have been mentioned, your web content should also be all-inclusive of detailed facts and stats.

Also, you can attach graphics and relevant images as well.

This was about the copywriting part. What next?

Of course, you are free to seek out help from social media content writing services.

But, you can do it yourself too if you follow the following steps.

These are the guidelines to draw more clicks toward your site.

Look at them.

  • Provide clear value to the right readers

Know that your audience consists of blood and flesh of humans who are constantly faced to face with pressing problems of life.


Before you speak to them, you need to understand three different things about them:

  1. Who they are
  2. What are their needs
  3. How they can be satisfied

Once you are ready with this information, you can tailor your content likewise.

  • Speak directly to your kind of audience

One of the simplest and easiest ways to communicate with your kind of audience is to use second person words like ‘you’ and ‘your’.

The technique is very simple.

Start right away by addressing them in such a manner as – ‘Hope you are at the pink of your health’ or ‘you need special care that can only be offered by my brand’ etc.

In short:

You need to attach a personal touch to your content so that customers can emote with it.

  • Build curiosity

There is a saying which says that curiosity has the ability to kill the cat, but it has the power to breathe life into your social media.

A very easy method to induce curiosity is to ask questions. Leave your audiences to think about a topic.

The more they ponder about a topic, the more will the readers be interested in your content.


You must be careful with this technique as well.

If you provide a headline in the format of a question, make sure that you provide adequate content as well. This means the way you begin should be continued till the end!

Otherwise, your customers will get disheartened and thereby stop following you totally.

  • Use simple language and active voice

A lot of research has found out that almost none of the people read the wordy word.

At the most what they do is scan your entire content. People now lookout for something catchy, something that will make them feel awed.

To make readers stop their thumb while scrolling, you have to use simple and clear language.


No one has so much time today to go word by word.

A trick that you can apply is to use a two-syllable word rather than a three-syllable word. Again, active sentences are a must.

For more help, look out for social media writing examples.

  • Make your content easily shareable


Research has proved it time and again that most of the clicks on articles issue out of posts that are shared on a social platform. You can say it is all the magic of recommendation.

The best way is to input social site buttons into your write up. This will easily direct your content and give the readers an urge to share it instantly.

  • Optimize for each social network

Each social site has a different strategy.

Say for example:

In the case of Facebook, make sure you change the headline and the excerpt of the post.

Similar other policies follow for other social sites too.

It is you who have to find it out and imply the strategies.