How to Get Extra Traffic from Google Through Voice Search?

voice search

Though the rapid advancement in technologies captured the Digital Marketing world. There is a new feature introduced in the past is “Voice Search”.

Believe it or not, since the feature came in existence makes our life easy. In the world of “Google searching” Voice recognition technology is booming.

Why Voice Search is Important to Get Traffic:

Basically, this technology converts user spoken words in the form of typing text. For example: If u search for “How to grow your business”, instead of typing it just verbalize it which reduces your effort.

Using typing especially when you are busy to type anything, it helps you to keep doing your work.

It has to say that this technology made a revolutionary change in our lives and it’s growing day by day. As the technologies updating rapidly marketers have to update their business using SEO Techniques.

Also, this becomes possible because of the availability of smart speakers. It changes our lives absolutely.

Therefore your businesses can nurture as this is the matter of user practice and bringing comfort to them. Furthermore, it’s also influencing the SEO world. This is moderately getting better with time.

Latest information flaunts by Microsoft that their speech recognition has a minor error rate which is up to 5.1% is shown with an enormous diversity of languages.

Frequent Use of Voice Search
Frequent Use of Voice Search

Above Graph, it shows how frequently people are using Voice search Technique.

Now, the question is how it helps in SEO?

Well here is the answer. I’ll explain to you the number of ways to become accustomed to this technology in SEO.

All credit to this encroachment, you have the extensive popularity of devices like Google Now, Apple’s Siri, Apple Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

The study shows in coming years voice searchers are expected to grab 60% of the entire search request in comparison with 20% in 2016.

Why Voice Search Important?

As this is growing rapidly many users adopting this feature of Google. As per the data, 25% of all searches on Google are now from the Voice searches.

First Start Of Voice Search

As per the above Diagram, 41.6% of users are now using Voice Search for there query.

There is an obvious data towards young searchers as well as the middle-age people are also choose voice search rather than text on their mobile equipment.

Search Engines are also Approaching Voice Search

If we talk about the Apple Siri, Google Now, and also Microsoft Cortana,  Amazon Alexa, all big technology masters are offering nowadays their own virtual assistants.

On a Google page, you can use Google’s voice search by just saying “OK Google” on any mobile screen.

Google Page For Voice Search
Google Page For Voice Search

There is a clear picture that technology masters are using this feature profoundly. This will definitely impact the adaption of this feature rapidly.

How It Is Useful For SEO?

The moment searchers request for query through the voice they use the same language which they generally use for text query.  Usual keywords out of the blue become less important in this state of affairs.

For example, instead of searching for ”prokaryotes vs.eukaryotes” , your consumer might ask a question – “what is the difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes ?” – When using voice search.

This is how it creates a unique and authentic query that give response effectively.

This is the most beneficial factor for marketers to use this feature in SEO for these types of searches so that they will provide you with an exact result for a user query.

By this definitely, search engine optimization considers ranking increased surprisingly.

Concluding this “Voice search” is really a great feature to grow traffic in your business. There are numerous SEO Agencies in India they will surely help you to achieve ranking through algorithm because of responding nature to your exact query.

If Customer finds an exact result for query searched definitely they give you reviews which are equally important to grow your business.