4 Reasons to Invest in SEO and Get 200% ROI

Invest in SEO and Get 200% ROI

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps websites and their brands get identified among the sea of portals and companies out there. However, from the time it started, SEO has come a long way indeed. It started off as a marketing tactic to begin with, but it can now be explained as branding play. There are a number of ways in which SEO for big brands help a company grow stronger, and some of these reasons to invest in SEO have been explained here.  

Top Reasons to Invest in SEO

  1. It will not be stopped any time soon- Search Engines are constantly evolving on the World Wide Web, many of them coming up with more advanced algorithms over time. That being the case, the constant benefits of SEO will be achieved since it is not going to end anytime soon. Many times, even video and audio searches depend on keywords, much the same as textual content. This is another fact to highlight as one of the reasons to invest in SEO.
  2. Techniques from SEO are effective- SEO services from different companies will work well as the techniques are still highly effective for brand promotions. It is necessary to focus on delivering an optimal user experience while making the SEO strategies, to get a higher position on the Web and for better brand reputation, as per BIZCOR CEO Joshua Gerra.
  3. Important to have a healthy content profile- Several updates to algorithms on search engines such as Google are constantly taking place, which tends to change the ways in which they witness websites. Any company needs to develop high quality content through digital marketing services, and without help from organic SEO, it may get really difficult to find you amongst competitors. Look at this as one of the important reasons to invest in SEO.
  4. The smartphone revolution- With the rapid rise of smartphones, mobile bandwidth has also increased, which in turn means that more people are accessing websites on these devices in comparison to desktops. This has led to the rise in effective mobile SEO techniques, further leading to opportunities like local SEO services.

An era of eyeballs

Today’s digital era is one in which the more eyeballs a website can garner, the more successful it is likely to be. The importance of SEO is in helping websites stand apart from their competition. Literally speaking, SEO helps a website stand higher on search engine rankings than where it does at present, and that is one of the fundamental reasons to invest in SEO.  

Reasons to Invest in SEO
Higher on Search Engine

Whenever most of us search for products or services, most of us unconsciously follow one unspoken rule. We generally do not look for items beyond the first search results page. As per statistics, an enormous 96% of traffic on Google moves towards websites on this page. In short, every company that seeks to do well attempts to get on to the first page, for maximum brand visibility. This is yet another one of the reasons to invest in SEO.

How to measure ROI of SEO

Tracking conversions and then ultimately ROI from SEO is calculated based upon the type of business, which means that the numbers from a lead-based business would look different from an e-commerce website. An ecommerce website requires the setting up of ecommerce tracking through Google. As part of SEO ROI analysis, you will be able to obtain access to information such as average order value, the value of all transactions on website, total revenue and conversion rate, once you set up tracking.


Similarly, SEO for small business can be in the form of leads-based business, for which you will need to set up tracking. However, this is a little tricky in comparison to the above since actual transactions do not take place on the website. You only need to analyze the actions carried out by clients on your website, and see how much it is worth. For example, someone filling a form could be worth Rs 8,000, while someone signing up for a newsletter could be paying Rs 4,000 as per the pages they click through. All actions are goals and need to be entered in the “Goals” section of Google Analytics.