Google Launches The Beta Version Of Adwords Add-On For Google Sheets

Beta Version Of Adwords Add-On For Google Sheets

Like every year, Google made its announcements about its different updates at different sides. But among all of them, nothing is so striking one like the Google Adwords…

What??? You are not been aware of it till now???

OK, need not worry. I will tell you that news which will surely make you wondered.

On June 27th of this year, Google officially announced that:

“Starting from July 24th, 2018, Google AdWords is becoming Double click, Google ads and Google analytics 360 has been merged into the brand new Google marketing stage  and the Google ad manager will be launched.”

So that’s huge news…

Most strikingly there will be a lot of changes in the new ad manager of the Google.

So you are eager to know the changes, right???

Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the new features and the new addition in the Google ads.

Google launches AdWords
Google launches AdWords

What’s new and updated???

Let’s start the exploration with these new things:

Few features like:

Display network, search network, the video will be the same as the previous version. it will be the same one and no changes have been brought at this place.

Changes have been done at:

The new brand name and the logo have been changed. It would be visible to the users from July 24th. It would be reflected in every place like the website, platform, billing and also the help centers.

The login address will be changed from to

Check this important thing

An ultimate need of the business person from Google

But one huge thing has been confirmed by Google…

Branding change will bring no impact on the navigation or even the reporting and campaign performance.

This new one will also be focusing on the:

  • Multichannel advertisement
  • Connecting everything
  • Look to display to video is being connected seamlessly.
  • Deliver valuable and trustworthy ads
  • Every tool that is required for business growth and advertisement.

So a little bit of change has been done on the performance.

The changes in the new tool

The new tool helps you to get the smart ads in the era of the smart era.

These smart campaigns and smart ads can be done within limited time on this new platform. They would help to increase the phone calls, store visit or even online purchases.

So Google says that most of the small business director would be helpful with such features of the new Google ads and its new features to help them.

As similar to the Google Adwords beta version, this platform is also beta tested. This ensures that the advertiser will get the double growth if done correctly in the first 60 days.

Even with this newly launched platform, three new brands are working together:

  • Google ads
  • Google ad manager
  • Google marketing platform.


So it’s all about the growth of the business that we expect from Google to assist.

Google has been doing it for a long time and in the future, they are bringing in the much-advanced platform to do better too.

So, let’s welcome this new ad platform of Google