Google Bert Update: How it will impact on SEO

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Recently Google made the announcement that it will be introducing a new update known as Bert – Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Bert will affect one in ten search queries, so it is definitely something that you need to know about. The Google Bert update will affect businesses as well as SEO to a significant extent.

Things to know about Google Bert update 

Bert is a new update that will impact how Google handles search queries. This form of Artificial Intelligence will basically enable Google to get a detailed insight into the association between the core elements of language that exist in a search term. This update will help to return accurate and better results for complicated and more conversational long-tail search terms.

google bert update
google bert update

This update could basically showcase how the search results will change for specific types of terms. Google has stated that the Google Bert update is a major leap forward in the history of ‘Search.’ Context and concepts lie in the heart of Bert. This update could basically help Google to understand the less web-savvy searchers better.

Impact on business and SEO

The new Google update is likely to impact almost10 percent of all search queries. This means that Google Bert update will definitely impact businesses in some way or the other.

The good news is that if you are following the best content marketing and SEO practices, the bert algorithm will not negatively affect you. The Bert update will ensure that the featured snippet will provide the right instructions that are in sync with the search term of the users. 

If your business has published a significant amount of digital content on the web, you might not see a major change in your online traffic. But if you are involved in publishing a lot of content down the track, the search algorithm will impact you in a major way.

Bert and Quality of Search Return 

The new Google Bert update is mainly about how words work when combined together. It is not just about the context of the words in the sentences. One of its core objectives of Bert is to enhance the search return quality so that the results will be aligned with what the users expect to find. For instance, ‘bass’ – the instrument is entirely different from “bass” – the fish. The new update of Google will enable the generation of accurate search results. 

In the business context, if you have been using unreliable or dodgy SEO techniques, then it is high time to focus on quality SEO services. As Bert adopts a natural language approach, it will be able to comprehend natural language search terms in a simpler way.

Businesses can Take Advantage of BERT

A digital business can take advantage of the Google Bert update to gain the upper hand over the competitors. One of the best techniques that you can implement is that you can create more volume of content and ensure that it is specific. You have to think about the questions that your target audience asks. Accordingly, you need to devise a content marketing strategy of your business so that your content can address the exact questions of your target market audience.

In case you have been following all the appropriate practices and protocols relating to SEO and online business, then you do not have to worry about Google Bert updates. The new update by Google will have little impact on your online business and social media marketing services.   

How can Businesses Plan for Bert?

If you want to plan to face the change that the new Google Bert update will bring in the future, you have to give high priority to your content. Google has stated that there is not much that one can do to optimize for BERT. 

business plan
business plan

You basically need to focus on the content that you are generating. Thus ensure that for your online business, you write content that is relevant and valuable for the users. After this step has been taken, make sure that the content has been formatted appropriately for indexing purposes. Make sure to implement suitable SEO strategies not just for BERT but to deliver quality content that can give an edge to your business in the long run. 

Optimize Keywords by Focusing on Search Intent

It is highly critical to focus on communication and the words that you use on the online platform. But while communicating, you need to stop laying emphasis on only keywords and start giving priority to the ranking for queries.

The details that Google has shared on BERT can help businesses to work on their online strategies and approaches. This change by Google can have a major implication on SEO and business. Business undertakings need to work on their strategies so that the new Google algorithm can be used by them in their favour. 

The new move by Google that has the power to revolutionize search can play a key role and mould the landscape of SEO and online business. It is time for businesses to ensure they generate quality content as it can give them an advantage in the competitive setting.