5 Google Ads Trends For 2023

Google Trends

We have to face it: getting a large number of organic traffic to your website is very difficult as there a lot of keywords present in it. Voice search is throwing a wrench, which is related to SEO. If you want to increase your sales and leads, then you have to use the pay per click (PPC) advertising. In this Google Ads play a very important role. In every second, 63000 searches are done. And Google is the place you do it.

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Google has the largest share in the Search Engine Market (SEM) around the globe which is around 90.46%. Every day a person conducts 3-4 searches in a single day in Google. Google always keep on updating and adding a large suite of products which becomes difficult for advertiser what is available to them.

1) It started smart bidding

Google has recently invested a large amount of money in artificial intelligence; one of them is smart bidding.

Smart bidding is a way where conversion value is optimized by the use of a machine that is automated. It also uses some set of strategies. It very simple it takes out the guesswork out from the bidding for Google ads. You can tell about what are your advertising goals and the smart bidding will tell you how your advertisement will be done within your budget. It works for various numbers of PPC goals like:

  • Target CPA-

It creates new customers and also generates new leads according to your cost per acquisition.

  • Provide ROA-

It provides the best ROI (return of investment) that you have spent, and it also helps in increasing your conversion rate.

Smart bidding generally allows you to use different types of signals for you in bid optimizations, which are very much unique and new to the system and also were unavailable in manual bidding.

Here are some of the signals which you can choose from Google ads

  • Intent location

Where you want to go, and right now, what is your physical location. If you take an example, you are new to a city, and you are using Google Maps for researching travel.

  • Target customers

You can target your customers at a particular time when they are free. You can provide offers and proper information about offers generally local business people do it.

  • It helps in remarketing the list

Google ads will optimize when the last time the user interacted or searched for the product was and what was his interaction.

If you got multiple types of ads, then Google ads can bid on that advertisement, which can get converted. It also is used for the language with which a user or person is searching.

Machine learning manages various signals which enable the smart bidding to bid to each user’s context. Suppose a person is on a bus or coming home from the office, and at that time he clicks the ads, then Google will raise the bid for mobile ads between 6-7 pm on weekdays. It is very much helpful for those who have just started their business or for those who don’t have much time to manage a campaign.

2) Google discovery feeds

It is mainly a personalized newsfeed that you can download on your mobile, the main aim of this feed is to show relevant and useful content even if they are not searching for it. It is also used in social media.


Discovers shows that content and explore those topics in which the users are interested or has searched previously, which includes recipes, videos, blog post, and article. The content which is featured has the proper quality and is unique.

3) The gallery ads of Google

Gallery ads that were launched by Google ads earlier have come up with a new version called beta version.

gallery ads of Google

Here it shows images in which a person can scroll down and can get proper visual information about a product, brand, and also about services. It will on the top of the mobile search result. It will mainly feature about 6-7 images, and each image will have its URL, and static headline, and advertisers will pay when a person or user clicks or swipe an image.

4) It has large audience segments

Here, Google ads build interest and identify the user with browsing behavior. Affinity audiences are generally cloud service uses, store shoppers. A company like Volkswagen has used affinity audiences, which increases its conversion rate to 250%. Google ads have recently introduced new event segments from where the advertisers could reach consumers with timely offers. You can keep these audiences on the top of your parameter when you are setting up a new campaign.

5) Google ads introduced integrated ads campaigns with Google lens


It is a visual Search Engine Marketing (SMM) by Google, which can easily recognize landmarks and objects through native applications. It is integrated with Google’s assistant, and with Google photos. Google is doing some interesting things with its integrated ad campaigns.

These are some of the Google ads trends which you can’t really ignore, even if you want.