Top 2024 Google Analytics Hacks To Improve Your Return on Investment

Top 2020 Google Analytics Hacks To Improve Your Return on Investment

There are various types of advanced Google Analytics metrics and different types of hacks for the measurement of marketing campaigns. The different best types of tips, hacks, and metrics are shared by highly experienced experts for analyzing campaigns. Different Google Analytics hacks are used to improve return on investment.

Experts Favorite Google Analytics Hacks for Enhancing ROI

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Here, we have listed some of the techniques that can help you improve and measure ROI:

  1. Filter your office IP address: Google Analytics collects the data from the audience’s IP address to find out who is visiting the website, from where they arrive and what actions are taken by them.
  2. Analyze behaviour flow: Analyzing behaviour flow helps to understand the real journey taken by users on the site. It helps to increase social media ROI.
  3. Use UTM codes: UTM codes are strings of code that are added to the user URL and it helps in tracking site visitors from where they are coming.
  4. Create a customized dashboard: The tips of Google Analytics helps in the creation of a custom dashboard.
  5. Use of segments: The extensive use of segments helps to track different types of users.
  6. Track your goals: Different tracking activities used for goals tracking viz. time on page, scroll depth, video performance or contact clicks gives a better idea of the user’s activity. The Google Analytics goals help to measure the return on investment of content writing.
  7. Use Annotations: It is the most effective hack of Google Analytics. It gives the practical concept of data and is very easy to implement.

Other types of Google Analytics hacks used for the improvement of return on investment is as follows:

  • Set up internal promotion tracking
  • Use weighted average sort features
  • View the audience’s insights to optimize by the device.
  • Set up of email alerts
  • By taking advantage of Google Analytics Intelligence
  • Comparison of attribution models

Google Ads hacks are used to boost conversion rates and help in the growth of return on investment. These hacks are specially crafted to meet every marketer’s common goals. The other techniques for Google Ads to smarten up online advertising. Different types of hacks for Google Ads are as follows:

  1. Call only Campaigns: Call-only campaigns communicate the customers about your products, services, and brands through calling. Potential customers tend to get converted into leads for businesses which ultimately increases return on investment.
  2. Run Ads on competitor’s keywords: It is one of the most practical Google Ads that help to get not only more clicks on the landing page but also increases return on investment ROI in digital marketing of your PPC campaigns which helps to stay ahead of your competitors.
  3. Geo-targeting: Geo-targeting helps to target visitors’ IP, Wi-Fi, and GPS data to find ideal customers by assessing the customer’s behavior.
  4. Add negative keywords: Negative keywords helps to determine and identify what to target and what not to target. It also helps to exclude search terms in a campaign which are irrelevant to the customers.
  5. Quality Score: In today’s competitive and digital world, running a PPC campaign is a big thing as a large sum of money is invested in the promotion of the brand. Special attention is required in SEM marketing like Ad relevance, click-through rate, and product page.
  6. Running ads on Google’s Display Network: There are two types of networks – Display and Search Networks. The difference between them is that Google Display Network is used for placing ads among thousands of websites which are similar. Search Networks are used for searching for specific products or services. It is important to note where the ads are to be listed. For proper placement of Ads, users can go to Display Network Placement which helps to know where the ads are to be listed.
  7. Draft Touchy Insane Ads: What strikes the most is always there in mind. The ad copy you have drafted should be compelling with an emotional appeal to advertisements. There are definite ways to get the results.

Google Analytics Hacks for Better Understanding of Audience:

Google Analytics Hacks 2020

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for a better understanding of your site’s traffic. Various ways are as follows:

  1. Set and Analyze Goals.
  2. Increase conversions with a content upgrade.
  3. Increase revenue by learning user behaviour.
  4. Analyze referral sources.
  5. Customize events for enhanced Data layers.
  6. Set up site search.
  7. Integrate Google Search Console.
  8. Test Variations with Google Experiments
  9. Implement Google Tag Manager.

The ultimate guides are available which helps in using Google Analytics for increasing ROI for your content marketing. The google analytics are robust and as a content marketer, specific data are needed for increasing return on investment. There are many important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure blog traffic such as:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Social Media Traffic Referral
  • Average time on site
  • Bounce Rate
  • Page Views
  • Pages/Visit