How Brands Can Leverage Pinterest to Make Sales

How Brands Can Leverage Pinterest To Make Sales

Pinterest is more than the giant pinboard for collecting images and ideas as it also allows you to share your inspired designs. The designs include videos and pictures of services and products. For just about any hobby or curiosity you might have, it’s a visual search engine, which contains several things available for purchase.

Building a brand on Pinterest means that you can have an organic presence along with the paid ads. On the other hand, the organic pins on Pinterest truly take on life on their own.

Getting an authentic brand can leverage Pinterest is proven to be one of the most effective ways of connecting meaningfully with the target clients and achieve goals in driving interaction, traffic, and conversion.

Various Tips Where The Brand Can Leverage Pinterest

There are simple ways where the brand can leverage Pinterest to access a new audience and standardize your pins and the sales profile. Most of these tips may be easy to implement while the others might be playing into later techniques, let’s dive in!

1) Brand Your Pins

According to the Pinterest team, a staggering 97 percent of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded. It represents an opportunity to brand your pins so that your brand stand out and gain brand recognition through the web. 

Pinterest suggests adding a tiny logo to one of your pin’s four corners, which can be done quickly in a tool like Canva. One can also play around with the design and add your logo anywhere it feels best. In this Quip example, they went centered with top to fit in with the rest of the text on their picture.

2) People Make Use of Pinterest for Shopping

Pinterest for Shopping

About 84 percent of weekly users use Pinterest to help them decide what they should purchase. Fifty-five percent of the Pinners are explicitly looking for products, according to Pinterest. And 83 percent of the weekly users made a purchase based on the content they have seen from the Pinterest brands.

3) Firstly Create a Mobile Content

Mobile is a significant value of Pinterest, as is the case with most pages. Eighty-five percent of the Pinners make use of a mobile app. Hence it is quite vital to have appealing content engagement while the users make use of their phones and that their feeds appear correctly. If you are linking back to your own brand content, it is also critical that the page to which you send users is also mobile-friendly. 

Mobile Content

Pinterest’s tip here is to customize your font size to mobile rendering to make sure all your fonts are visible on the small screens, and to plan the vertical aspect ratio. The ideal size is 600 pixels x 900 pixels.

4) Pinterest Boosts Brand Exposure

Pinners are fond of discovering new products. 75% of Pinterest users say they are “very interested” in new products, compared to 55% on other digital channels. And it does work. On Pinterest, some 77 percent of weekly users discover new brands and products regularly.

5) Pinterest Inspires Many People

Many people make use of Pinterest to find ideas and to schedule special events. Approximately 95 percent of members say Pinterest inspires them, and 91 percent say Pinterest helps them achieve their goals. Your brand is much more than just the label on Pinterest. Be the source of strength or perform a meaningful part in your everyday lives for the customers.

6) Time All Your Campaigns

Timing is a significant part of social media marketing services and promotions. When people are online and when people talk about the issues about which you want to speak? 

Fortunately, in Pinterest’s case, they publish annual Seasonal Insights, which helps in taking away some guesswork. 

7) Optimizing for SEO Pinterest

Pinterest, after all, is a visual search engine. As with any search engine, the keywords seem to be the basis for Pinterest’s content discovery. That is why it is crucial to use them in the names and descriptions of your company, board, as well as a pin. Hashtags are indeed useful, mainly because the Pinners can follow the ones they are interested in.

8) Targeting Right Pinners with The Ads

On Pinterest, another successful way to support is through advertising. Pinterest allows advertisers to target the keywords, interests, location, age, and other demographics ads. In the meantime, targeting audiences lets advertisers enter the following groups:

  • The customer list namely newsletter subscribers
  • People those have already visited your website
  • People those have already engaged with the pins
  • People those have engaged with similar content

Planning for The Seasonal Content 

Pinners like planning ahead. It suggests which companies should be even better planners. Pinterest suggests posting the seasonal brand content within 30-45 days.

Seasons and the holidays are the big brand opportunities. During 2018 there were more than 56 million searches for Valentine’s Day, 227 million for Halloween, and 321 million for December holidays.

Unsurprisingly, timely advertising sees a related increase in vacation time. Promoted pins that correspond with moments of life and holidays see a 22 percent increased sales, according to Pinterest.

Final Thoughts 

When you follow the above strategies and learn from the dedication, your business account would continue developing for the better, draw more of the target audience, and drive traffic to your web.