Which Industries should Immediately Go Digital During Coronavirus

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The corona-virus pandemic has made the entire world face some serious challenges. Every business has been affected due to the pandemic. The economy rate of the entire world has started to fall. Countries such as the USA, Italy, India, Germany, China, etc. have faced a serious downfall in their economy. When the whole world is quarantined at home, and struggling together to fight the virus, it is the best time to go digital during coronavirus crisis. This may sound absurd, but digital marketing is the only industry that is not going to take any hit. Rather, there might be a huge positive transformation in the industry of digital marketing or branding.


Marketers are always prepared to fight any unavoidable circumstances on their way. The corona-virus pandemic is nothing less than a dangerous circumstance. Marketers are coming up with new strategies to go digital during Coronavirus Crisis. The most important reason why the digital transformation has taken place is that more people are online now than ever. According to research, the corona-virus has led to a 500% surge in cancellations of in-person events such as meetings, seminars, concerts, and so on. 

Industries to be Affected During Corona-virus Pandemic

There are notable a few industries that will receive a huge hit because of the pandemic. It is very important for these industries to go digital during the corona-virus crisis.

  • Food and accommodation- Although food delivery services are still on, people are refraining from ordering as one of the delivery personnel was found positive a few days back. Restaurants are probably going to be closed for quite some time, and people will mostly avoid going as well.
  • Tourism- It is definitely going to be one of the most affected industries due to the coronavirus pandemic. People will avoid traveling to other places for quite some time now.
  • Real estate- The real estate prices are already stagnating, and there was always the case of supply being more than demand. The coronavirus hit the last point of the industry to crumble down.
  • Retail and wholesale- People are not going to any shopping malls or retail stores because of the lockdown. Even if the lockdown is lifted today, most of the people will avoid going to malls right away. The fear stays and it will affect this industry.
  • Manufacturing- Factories are closed. Labour force is going back to their home location, and hence lack of laborers. Manufacture companies are already quite affected.
  • Business services and administration- Business service operations such as co-working places have already been shut down. Post lockdown, it is quite unlikely for people to work at co-working places.

It is also quite bad news for start-up agencies and entrepreneurs who recently started. If the lockdown extends, then many start-ups will shut down, unfortunately. All the above industries need to go digital during coronavirus crisis.

Industries that Might Flourish Post COVID-19

There are some businesses during corona-virus that will flourish because of the pandemic. Digital marketing is one of the industries that will flourish post lockdown. There will be a huge demand for digital marketers and social media marketing. Well, why digital marketing?

  • Retail companies will not give up and shut their company. They will look forward to the online model and that is where digital marketers will have work. Hence, the demand will be quite huge.
  • Healthcare providers and health insurance will definitely see a boom post Covid19 pandemic.
  • Supermarket chains with a strong online presence will not disappear. Although they are facing issues now, they have enough capital to get through it. Things will be fine post-pandemic without any hassle.
  • Pharmaceutical companies who are working forward on cures for coronavirus or other diseases will also bloom.
  • Tech companies such as Zoom that help people to work from home will also flourish. Zoom is already doing quite well to get in touch with your friends, family members, and office meetings.
go digital during coronavirus

Impact of Digital Marketing during Corona -virus

If you are wondering why businesses need digital marketing, here are the concrete reason why you should go digital during this pandemic.

  • Best Time to go Digital

Since everyone is online now more than ever, this can be the time to implement your best content marketing strategies and go digital during coronavirus crisis. Although, the algorithm of search and also the purpose have drastically changed as well. People are now online because they have no work, not because they always want to buy products or services. It is important for the digital marketer of the company to pitch an idea that will make the audience informed about your company. Since consumer’s preferences and searches are shifting, it is important for digital marketers to use their creativity and find the keyword that people are now looking for. Marketers have to dig deep to find a solution.

  • SEO

There is a good news in this quarantined time. Google search ad CTRs have increased by around 10%. Google search CPCs have decreased by 15% hence there is no competition. The market is quite empty now and can be the perfect time for you to capture the market. Running ads during this time can be an amazing opportunity to grow business.

  • Online Marketing does not need in-Person Meetings

With digital marketing, you can do all your work without having to meet your client or anyone in person. Hence, you are safe yet productive.

  • Pandemic is Measurable

The corona-virus pandemic is measurable. You can measure the damage caused due to the corona-virus crisis and do crisis management properly. With an expert digital marketer, you can implement the ideas smoothly.