How Digital Marketing can help in growing business during Coronavirus Crisis

digital marketing during coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus has rapidly spread all over the world, and people are finding out all the possible ways to deal with this pandemic. In a time like this, it can be for digital marketers to find a way to help their business grow. Digital marketing during coronavirus crisis is quite a challenging task as, during this time, everyone has resorted back to their families, their communities, employees, and customers. We can see all over social media how the government, as well as the public, is spreading awareness and talking about safety guidelines. Human lives and safety is without any doubt the top priority of the world. Business organizations have also joined hands with the government asking people to stay in their homes and do social distancing.

Businesses have faced a huge impact because of this pandemic as the economy has hit one of its biggest lows. The question of how to grow business during the lockdown has passed every business owner’s mind. Here, we are going to talk about how digital marketing during coronavirus crisis can help you to grow your business.

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The Impact of Coronavirus on Economy and E-commerce

The coronavirus crisis has affected global economy on a large scale. All business companies irrespective of their size has faced major loss due to the pandemic crisis. It cannot be denied that companies heavily rely on advertising and marketing, and that field is facing some of the most difficult challenges in the recent times. The stock market has also started declining at a rapid rate.

digital marketing during coronavirus crisis

The industrial production rate has decreased in China as well by 13.5% due to the coronavirus crisis.

digital marketing during coronavirus crisis

So, we know the problem, but now what is the solution? People have shifted to digital now more than before. People are sitting at home and surfing through internet. The whole world has gone digital now. Microsoft, and other companies have started to launch new e-commerce opportunities to the audience because it is the time to help people now. The e-commerce opportunity is rising now, as big retailer companies such as Nike, Apple, KFC have shut down their stores. People are now ordering everything, and it is your chance to take advantage of going fully digital. The coronavirus crisis has also decreased the rate of competition, hence there is more market share available.

The pandemic situation’s impact on the global economy is scary, but we can still get over this without much damage. If you do proper digital marketing, you can grow your brand during this crisis without any hassle.

Reasons to use Digital Marketing during Coronavirus Crisis?

If you have been wondering how to survive in the lockdown period, then we have got some of the best solutions for you.

1.) Interact with your customer base on social media

The coronavirus outbreak all over the world has imposed a life threat to everyone. We are all taking as many precautions as possible. The pandemic has resulted in complete lockdown all over the world. People cannot go out to meet their friends, go to their favorite restaurant or interact with anyone. Hence, it is basic human decency to get in touch with your customer base on social media and check how they are doing. This is the time to show empathy to your customers and everyone around you and help out as much as you can. Digital marketing during the coronavirus crisis through social media interaction can make your brand stand out during such a difficult time. 

interact with customers on social media

2.) Online Presence of your Business

Since everyone is sitting at home, the world has gone online mostly. People are always on the internet as they have got nothing else to do except household chores. Here, you have to work your SEO strategy and make sure that your business is readily available online to the mass audience. People are looking for entertainment and information on the internet, and if you think why digital marketing, well the reason is clear, anything online in the present moment shall be consumed more now than ever before. This is the time to step up your game and increase your reach through SEO strategies and climb up Google’s search engine result pages or SERPs. It is the best time to take advantage of digital marketing during the coronavirus crisis.

online presence on google

3.) Help the society with your brand

This is one of the biggest and most important points to make when it comes to digital marketing during the coronavirus crisis. At such a time of horror, people will remember brands with the good deeds they did in the time of crisis. Many companies have helped society in many ways such as donating to government food banks, giving free products such as medical supplies, sanitizers, and giving paid leave to their employees. For example, Adobe made Creative Cloud available to K-12 institutions. This is the time to be generous and show your care for the people, and not be absolutely commercial. Hence, with proper digital marketing services, you should also think of some ways to help those in need during this time of crisis to make a good positive impact on the market.

4.) Get ready for your business to face the bounce-back surge

We all know that the coronavirus will start to die out in a matter of one or two months like it has already started in China. This is when normalcy will return and the spending habits of the consumers will start to stabilize. There are various reasons to consider digital marketing but you have to keep in mind that SEO is a long term strategy. What you plan to do with SEO today will have an impact on organic search traffic for the next two or three months. If you pause your SEO campaign now, it could have some negative impact on your revenue two months from now on as the pandemic starts to fade out. 


This is something that the government is continuously telling us. People indeed tend to panic during such situations, but you have to keep your cool. If you are someone who has stocked up food for more than 2-3 months, then you are in the panic mode. Make sure that when you are planning out your digital marketing during the coronavirus crisis, you are completely out of the panic zone. You must use all the metrics, analyze the data and information and then plan out the digital marketing or social media marketing campaign. Do market research and find how you can change the strategy utilize online marketing.

don't panic gif

6.) Provide Content That Helps the Society

During this coronavirus outbreak, people are mostly searching about the pandemic, lockdown, consequences and so on. Hence, here is your chance to do proper content marketing according to the situation. You have to come up with content that has something to do with the pandemic situation. It will not only bring you massive reach, but it will also help your brand to grow during the era of digital marketing during the coronavirus crisis.

So, at the end, I would like to suggest, do not lose hope. Lockdown yourself, but not your business. Find the available possible ways and work on long term strategies like planning, content, Website development, SEO, personal branding, etc. This is the best time to go digital.