10 Reasons why your Business should go Digital

Why Digital Marketing

The modern era, both in personal and on the professional fronts, has turned digital in the last decade or so. Internet connectivity has become vital for both individuals and business, majorly because of the wealth of information available online.

Reasons Why Digital Marketing Necessary for Business

The Internet is the one place with maximum traffic, which can be targeted for selling products and services. Since there is not a single company that doesn’t have a website or a blog these days, it is not really hard to understand why digital marketing is required.

There was a time when books such as the Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler were being used on an everyday basis. Not that they aren’t being used today, but the switch from traditional marketing to digital marketing has been successfully made. Digital marketing has managed to replace most of conventional marketing techniques.

Benefits of digital marketing

In simple terms, digital marketing can be defined as marketing through online channels, which is not in accordance with offline techniques. To understand why digital marketing better, it is important to know about benefits of the same: 

  1. Listing products and services on Google– Almost 89% of consumers search for products and services on Google. In other words, if something cannot be found by Google, it certainly does not exist. Additionally the combination of social media marketing and content marketing helps firms reach out to more customers.
  2. Rapid communication– Have you ever pondered how much is time is wasted in trying to get printouts, photocopies, or in going to fax machines? This traditional method of communication, when replaced by emails and other components of digital communication, certainly answers the question, “Why digital marketing?”
  3. Paperless– By switching from offline marketing to online marketing, you are doing the environment an enormous favour by becoming paperless.   
  4. Online reading made simpler and faster– By virtue of expert content writing services, it is now possible to read crisp and attractive content online, especially on e-commerce websites. This includes content in the form of videos as well, because, let’s face it, the attention spans of most users have gone down drastically over the years.
  5. Make use of blogs– Blogging is another common form of written or video content that you may be familiar with. Personal opinions are shared on most blogs, and they help in highlighting the best features of certain company products and services. Blogs are the best online tools for lead generation in the market today. 
  6. Success measured easily– One of the major reasons why digital marketing is vital, is that business success is easier to track when made online. Google Analytics or any other website tool from your hosting company will help monitor traffic from different sources on your website. Similarly, Google Adwords will help you locate the keywords commonly searched by online customers.
  7. Affordable pricing plansOnline advertising is relatively more inexpensive as compared to offline advertising. Digital work is easily stored in a few computer systems, which is much easier than storing several files or keeping various banners. Additionally, technical support for websites and e-commerce platforms are easily available, and you do not have to pay for employing a full-time team. 
  8. Tap into the massive smartphone market– As a country, India has the second most number of smartphone users across the world. By promoting a mobile website and app, any firm will automatically be able to understand why digital marketing works the best here.    
  9. Give your business better direction– A company that is able to build its online reputation over a period of time and work on its online marketing strategy, is one which will move in the right direction. This strategy helps understand customer requirements in the best possible manner.
  10. Combine with print marketing– Well, we are not saying that print or conventional marketing has to be eliminated completely. In fact, the use of both methods together will help you put a unique marketing approach into place. The most important thing to remember here is that one should know how to use strategies efficiently.

For a new e-commerce business, especially in the beginning, growth marketing is very important to test, tweak and help in business growth. Similarly, Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in the long run, helping the business remain in the minds of customers. You do not want your business to be in an out of sight, out of mind scenario, do you?