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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most demanding trends in the digital marketing arena. Through Google Adwords services or PPC services, you can buy ads place on Google for your business. These are paid listings and are used to generate relevant and quality leads faster on search engines as compared to SEO. Along with this, Google Adwords techniques allow you to place ads on all of its allied services. Google is undoubtedly the most sought after search engine, so putting ads here would be hugely beneficial for your business to grow.

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is one of the best and most popular marketing techniques to rush traffic to any website. It is part of a paid promotion or paid marketing strategy wherein the host website earns for every click that drives the user to the marketed web page. DigiDir is a digital marketing agency which can be the final destination of your queries like PPC advertising services, Google Adwords services, SEM services or paid marketing services at affordables rates.

We provide high quality services of PPC Advertising Campaigns, Shopping Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Remarketing campaigns.

Best practices for PPC advertising services are:

  1. Keyword Analysis & Strategy
  2. Competitor Campaign Analysis
  3. Account Organization & Structure
  4. Budget Assignment
  5. Quality Score
  6. Keywords Coverage
  7. Lead Pages Design, Development & Testing
  8. Campaign Creation of Display Ads & Ads Copy Creation
  9. Campaign Creation of Google Search Ads & Ads Copy Creation
  10. Campaign Creation of Shopping Ads & Ads Copy Creation
  11. Detailed Reporting

What we do in PPC Services?

DigiDir has come up with Google adwords services, PPC services in India to help maximize the potential of a Performance Marketer for Big Brands & Startups.
Our strategy includes:

Keyword Research


Lead Pages Design, Development & Testing

Campaign Creation of Display Ads

Campaign Creation of Search Ads

Campaign Creation of Shopping Ads

Re-Marketing Campaigns

Detailed Performance Analysis & Reporting

Testimonials and clients

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Our experts are aware of exactly the kinds of ads that would benefit your business the most, and advice you accordingly. Additionally, our Turnaround Times are better than most agencies.

DigiDir is a professional digital marketing services provider, servicing its clients across India and the world.

We deal with all the aspects of a digital marketing plan for any company. We provide expert consultancy services along with google AdWords services or PPC services according to the type of business and suggest the best digital marketing plan for the business, through years of experience. 

Search Engine advertising is commonly used as a type of PPC. Every time an ad gets clicked, it sends a visitor to your website.