13 Most Effective Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies

Social media is becoming synonymous with digital marketing along with most, if not all, digital ads going hand in hand. Social media is far from static, though, and what worked for a couple of months before might not get you the same results right now. 

Habits alter, systems grow, and there are new technologies and social media strategies coming into the market. All of this affects how people use and respond to social media marketing and how advertisers can reach their audience.

When it comes to social media, it is more critical than ever that advertisers understand and remain ahead of the curve. Doing so means that you have at your fingertips the right tools, an up-to-date plan and the expertise required to make the most of social media strategies.

Most Helpful Social Media Strategies 

The marketing environment is seeing significant changes as we move closer, and social media is becoming the core of most of the marketing strategies. Nearly four billion people across the world are online, and one should make social media marketing the key part of all the overall marketing strategy by using various social media channels thereby making the buying decisions that are affected by what they see.

Keeping the same in mind, you can take a look at the latest trends those ones can believe would be important whenever it comes to social media marketing. Here are the trends and we, along with the other experts, think you need to be aware of before the New Year:

1) Building social media communities

The way brands approach their audience is a big part of meaningful and successful social media interactions. Sharing the content, with your target audience would enjoy part of maintaining your presence on social media through social media marketing services, and you also need to promote and develop connections that are more than a simple like or share.

There are many companies out there that seem to have significant social media follow-ups. Yet, if you look at individual posts more closely, their level of engagement is almost non-existent. Those brands that see their followers participating more are doing so by creating communities around the content.

social media community | DigiDir
social media community

Building social media communities away from your profiles is just the beginning; after all, creating a group and getting people to join is no guarantee they’ll get involved. You also need to create content that will get people to chat, encourage discussions, and develop that sense of community. This can keep the people actively involved with your brand but can also introduce new leads as well as the customers, thus adding a human, customized element to your brand.

2) The Social media influencers 

One advantage of building social media networks is the fact that they are associated with word-of-mouth marketing businesses, another major trend in social media strategies. Communities empower you to engage with the Nano or the micro-influencers who are already your brand’s supporters to get them to share truthful views and experiences about your products and services.

We all know influencers have been around for a while, and they have now become an inevitable part of the experience of social media. They can offer great brand benefits, including a relatively high earned media value, particularly now that the use of Instagram continues to grow at an elevated pace.

social media influencers | DigiDir
social media influencers

Nevertheless, customers no longer trust in many forms of influencers. Big influencers don’t just cost products, and they don’t have the effect they used to because they’re seen as disingenuous any more. In reality, as they are more likely, to be honest, 61% of the customers would prefer the reviews of friends and family over celebrity endorsements.

By contrast, smaller influencers, such as those likely to be part of your communities, tend to have better relationships with their followers, meaning they benefit from a higher level of trust. This can lead to lower-cost interaction, as well as increased confidence in a brand that is more likely to culminate in the conversion.

3) Finding the right target audience

Identifying the target market is a tedious task in which most of the marketers fail to meet the expected outcomes. Starting the process without knowing where to start could feel overwhelming. Identify the target audience with little active measures and some quality testing, and set them out during a social media marketing plan once you have identified the target audience. Brands attain potential viewers to boost the popularity and the reputation with the service providers.

target audience | DigiDir
target audience

4) Setting up the apparent social media goals

The aims of social media must be specific to your business and should be matched closely with the larger goals of your business. Marketing targets can vary depending on the size of the organization, its market, and its competition. Nonetheless, across industries, possible objectives may include: 

  • For increasing brand awareness 
  • For building a social community
  • To create a website for increasing the traffic 
  • Lead generation 

An increase in sales understands all your fans and followers by translating your social media insights into data. Analytics on social media can help advertisers recognize demographics, trending topics, and hashtags.

5) The Platform Strategy

For each social media platform, brands must classify channels of distribution to determine their strategies.

Social media statistics offer a broader picture of how brands and people communicate, whereby analyzing data from each social media platform, you can gain valuable information. Social media platform researches help to determine where your followers are involved and hoe to engage with your brand. This would help you figure out where and how to direct most of your business capital.

6) The Content Strategy

Content strategy helps companies to prepare and plan for reliable and cost-effective website traffic sources and to generate new leads with the help of SEO Services. To ensure successful continuity, have a content management system to handle the essential content pieces, such as content creation, publishing, and analytics.

Content Strategy | DigiDir
Content Strategy

Content management with increased traffic and leads would allow brands the flexibility to experiment with the other marketing plans for generating revenue like advertisements on social media and the sponsored content.

7) Video Marketing

Video marketing has infiltrated social media that is central to the attempts to reach out and campaign. You can capture high quality, 4k effect with your camera, making video more cost-effective than ever.

Brands use videos for advertising and selling products or services, boosting digital and social networking experiences, inform and entertain consumers, and reach out to the public.

8) Artificial Intelligence and Data Segmentation

The next big thing is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has become the future of a human generation. Modern marketing requires more effort in creating content, handling the dissemination of content through social media, interaction across different channels. To auto-schedule tasks, AI takes it further. This automates transfers of social media content by automatically adding hashtags and condensed connections, auto-analyzing the events, and collecting information.

  • Facebook makes use of Artificial Intelligence for identifying the visuals.
  • LinkedIn makes use of Artificial Intelligence for job recommendations
  • The Snapchat makes use of Artificial Intelligence for tracking the filters in real-time
  • Audience Personas

The audience will be composed of separate groups for every type of business. Brands need to build an identity for each group of people that allows them to define who the followers are clearly. Having a compelling persona for the audience will lead to a clear understanding of the clients.

Image result for follower | DigiDir

Using feedback gained from the users, customizing the social media strategy, and ensuring content creation, the marketing campaigns, ad targeting against your goals in the planning.

10) The Advanced Chatbots

Chatbots is an automatic response feature; for any type of query, a human-like chatbot responds to your clients and audiences. The chatbots and automation market has been a fantastic development that reduces effort in time and sales, and improvements often lead to conversions to contract. They are also used for data and information collection and organization, and for reducing overhead costs.

Digital brands will undoubtedly adapt the Chatbots functionality to respond to each potential customer automatically, which in turn increases confidence and brand loyalty.

11) Check out the competitors

In social media strategy, monitoring around competitor activities and updates within your niche are critical. You would also gain a better understanding of the market by understanding all your competitors and how they interact with the public.

People who engage with your competitors are interested in their product, which in turn would probably also interest them in your brands as well. This would help you understand which particular critical terms in the industry are trends and how the strategies of competitors do change over time.

12) The Product Search

As digital media grows more and more, customers are tech-savvy and trust online reviews as recommendations. Social pieces of evidence such as likes, shares, comments, mentions, reviews are critical for any brand.

likes, shares, comments | DigiDir

Businesses have become busy ads, so consumers will likely seek out product recommendations or success. People have turned to social networks for purchases of goods rather than conventional shopping.

13) Always be realistic on what one can produce

When creating content, you need to understand any limitations that you may face. You may want to run a great YouTube channel, for example, but if you don’t have the equipment, staff, skills, and resources to create high-quality videos, it’s futile to go down that path. You don’t want a YouTube channel that contains just one or two poorly-filmed talk head videos. Similarly, if you don’t have anyone who feels comfortable posing in front of the camera in a live broadcast, there is little interest in trying to make live video streams.

One must balance the different types of content which your target audience enjoys the most, along with the material which you feel the best equipped and which also makes them comfortable.


A New Year is often a period we create goals, with organizing and executing a business strategy always being an exciting year. Social media marketing isn’t going to remain the same as it is today. What is now considered a trend will become apparent tomorrow? There is no better time than now to build a plan for social media that would concentrate the marketing efforts and achieve clear goals focused on ROI.

Review all the previous analytics and the marketing techniques data for identifying what the realistic goals and the upcoming social media strategies must look for.