How To Get Started With Digital Marketing for Startups in 2020?

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It has been proved that around 90 percent of startups failed within a few years of commencing the business. But what is the reason behind this? Well, the primary reason is poor marketing strategies. If you have an idea and want to start your own business, then it is quite essential to understand the startup market is quite different. You need to combine various marketing channels and tactics to come up with a perfect one. And the best thing that you can do is learning Digital Marketing for Startups.  

Effective Techniques for doing Digital Marketing for Startups

Digital marketing is considered as a powerful weapon that can significantly boost up the online presence. Remember that every single thing you to create a substantial digital presence will definitely count toward brand awareness. And the best way to create a robust presence is by employing digital media. However, not every digital marketing strategy. Some strategies will offer you better results, while others will not. So, which strategies will work best for startups? Well, don’t worry, here are some of the best strategies to get started with digital marketing. 

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

It is a cost-effective method and can offer the highest ROI than other techniques. Various digital marketing experts have suggested that startups should consider SEO services seriously. It helps in obtaining organic traffic from major search engines. With better SEO, you can acquire more customers without spending much of your money. Go for blogging, optimize the landing pages, home pages, and website. You will start receiving better organic traffic. However, this is a challenging task, so i prefer to take the help of SEO experts. 

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Don’t forget the Power of Content

One of the primary digital marketing techniques is content marketing. If your content is high in quality and relevant, then you can easily attract the number of traffic to your website. When it comes to creating content, go for the latest happenings. Always prefer to create evergreen and trending content, and you can even easily get backlinks from other sites. This will positively affect your company’s SEO ranking. You will always remain one step ahead of your competitors. Some benefits of content marketing are:

  1. It offers long-lasting results.
  2. Content marketing is cheaper than other paid forms of marketing.
  3. It helps in building trust, and authority.

Go for Email Marketing 

To grow your startups effectively; you should choose email marketing. Some studies have proved that this form of marketing is quite helpful in achieving better ROI, which would be about 40x. This marketing technique can be used before launching your company to create maximum effect. Now, let’s have a look few email marketing tactics:

  1. If you haven’t introduced your products, then create coming soon, templets on your website. 
  2. If you have software or app developer, then offer the best version of the products, and create the email list. 
  3. Send them an email about your latest happenings. 
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The world is indeed dominated by different social media platforms, and in such a situation, you can’t ignore this essential digital marketing tool. You can utilize various social media platforms, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your products and company promotion. Remember that social media marketing services are one of the best ways to get more leads. Keep in mind every social media strategy mentioned bellow to make your startup’s social media marketing successful. 

  1. Put all the required information on our company’s social profile. Besides, don’t forget to add images and logos. 
  2. On a regular basis, try to publish relevant content to keep your customers engaged. 
  3. Target the right audience group. 
  4. Always use pixels for retargeting interested people.
social media marketing
social media marketing

Always focus on the factor of user experience

As a startup, you should always keep in mind that the customers are everything for the company. If you can keep them satisfied, you will be able to develop a robust relationship that will help you in the long run. While implementing digital marketing strategies, you need to consider the audiences’ demand, interest, and pain points. However, here are some tips for creating a beer user experience:

  1. Add chatbots to your site for communication, and assistance.
  2. Offer them a simple and fast loading website.
  3. Keep the navigation menus of the site simple and easy to use.
  4. Always provide the customers with real-time supports.

By offering a better user experience, you tap your potential customers and convert them into your real customers. 

Video Marketing is now Trending

Go on and start posing short, informative, and interesting videos related to your business. With this, you will be able to let your customers know why you are here. For video posting, you can use SnapChat stories, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Live. Besides, prefer to pose live Questions and Answers season, webinars, and more. 

Go for YouTube marketing

The second most used and popular search engine is YouTube. The platform receives around 2 million users monthly, and more than 79 percent of interest users have their accounts on YouTube. That’s why all the companies are now utilizing the platform to capture more audience. So, you can also consider YouTube marketing to get the best result. 

Video Marketing
video marketing

The Power of Influencer Marketing

One of the trending digital marketing for startups is influencer marketing. In this method, you can hire some popular influencers as well as some less-popular persons to promote your products and company. This technique is highly effective. Some of the benefits that you can enjoy with it are: 

  1. Easy to use.
  2. It helps in developing trust among people for the brand.
  3. Instantly get massive exposure for your new company and more. 

Startup marketing is very challenging and not impossible. All you need to think differently to get started with it. Meanwhile, use these techniques of digital marketing for startups, and get ready to enjoy a perfect growth in 2020 by attracting the right customers.