5 Steps to Improve Media Performance Using Google Analytics

Media Performance Using Google Analytics

The marketers can easily gain deeper insights, may create smarter campaigns or can drive better business outcomes through google analytics and google ads. Today’s customers are also very smart and active and they want the right message at the right time.

Actions for improving Media Performance using google analytics

There are various types of marketing tools which enhance the improvement of marketing strategy. There are mainly five steps for improving media performance through the use of google analytics. Following are the steps are given below:

1. Link Your Accounts: The linking of google analytics and google ads creates insight gathering and ads side by side so that campaigns can be easily created which are informed by conversion data and detailed site metrics. The linking of accounts requires a few easy steps. The linking wizard makes easy to link Google Ads account to multiple views of analytics property. The linking process is as follows:

Sign in to Google Analytics: By signing in to google analytics, the analytics can be opened within the google accounts. Then click the Tools tab, select Analytics and then follow other instructions.

  • Click Admin and then navigate to the property you want to link.
  • Next, in Property column, click on google ads link.
  • Click + new link group
  • Finally, select the Google Ads account you want to link with and then continue.
  • Select all the managed google ads accounts by clicking on All Linkable and then deselect the individual accounts.
  • Next turn linking ON for each of the views in property in which you need google ads data.
  • It is optional to select Enable google display network impression reporting to include data in each view.
  • Then finally click Link Accounts.

2. Activates Cross Device Capabilities: To understand how customers are behaving across different devices can be easily known by cross device capabilities in analytics. By the activation of google signals cross device capabilities are easily available to the users.

For Activation of Google Signals

  • Sign in to Google Analytics.
  • Click Admin and navigate to the Property in which you want to activate the Google signals.
  • Then in a column of PROPERTY, click on Tracking Info and then data collection.
  • Click on get started.
  • Read the information about Google signals, then click continue.

3. Create an Analytics Audience & Share with Google Ads: Once when audiences are created in google analytics and then share with google ads. With the help of it, campaigns are created which are specifically tailored to the specific segments of the audience.

4. Create and Import Goals: The important goals in google analytics represents any site metric such as the time spent on site or specific action taken on site or conversion. Importing all these goals in google ads enables to access the valuable conversion insights. There are various steps of creation in google analytics and import them to google ads.

5. Generate & View Reports: When google ads and google analytics are linked then there is access to a variety of reports about google ads campaigns right in analytics account giving the important campaign performance insights which can be used to improve the digital marketing strategy. The linking of google analytics and google ads together brings the media performance to the next level.

Google Analytics report
Google Analytics Report

A powerful pairing of google analytics and google ads easily gathers the insights for better understanding of customer journey with google analytics. There are various important steps in digital marketing strategy which must be followed for assuring the digital marketing efforts which creates a real impact on the bottom line. The various steps are as follows:

Steps of Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Set the objective: Define the mission of the business. The overall objective must be defined clearly.
  2. Analyze the past and learn from past mistakes done: By analyzing digital marketing strategy, the success and failure of past help for the setting of best KPIs for business. The google benchmarking reports in google analytics helps for comparison of your progress with competitors.
  3. Know your audience: By the creation of personas, it will become easy to identify the people by knowing about their need and desires, aspirations, fears etc are well analyzed and thus best audience reports are created in the google analytics report. Thus it helps in providing excellent digital marketing services.
  4. Stick to your Budget by identification of your needs: Define the overall budget of digital marketing and also look at the historical data.
  5. Make the plan: By the creation of the plan, different goals can be reached within the timeline and the monitoring plans help in reviewing the marketing strategy at the continuous intervals. Then checking of success of individual elements of digital marketing strategy can also be done easily.

There are various google analytics tools for improving the various marketing strategies like sem marketing.  The analytics data provides highly valuable insights which improve SEM and all types of digital marketing strategies.