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Brands share their business goals and what they want to achieve through influencer marketing. For personalized and customized campaign, we shortlist the right social media influencers after analyzing their engagement rates, followers base, performance metric, past campaign performances, % of spam and suggest them to the brand for campaign execution. We analyze, research and match the followers’ / viewers’ interest of the influencers i.e. the target audience of the influencers with the target audience of the brand for maximizing the influence as well as return on investment.


After choosing the relevant influencers with respect to their reach and targeted potential viewers, our team along with the brand and influencer, create valuable content and execute effective influencer marketing strategy to empower viewers / audience with this shareable content for better engagement and simultaneously smartly positioning the brand’s product / service superior… with respect to competition according to the campaign’s objective (product reviews, product sampling, event launch, brand awareness and more) to get the desired results.


Content creators share inspiring stories on their respective social media channel i.e. Youtube, Instagram or Tik Tok etc. and the viewers (Subscribers and followers) who can eventually become customers gets attention towards the brand’s product. This way through our innovative sponsored creator’s videos and images, we help the brands get better awareness, leads, sales and return on investment. We deliver you the measurable successful campaign results through this smart word of mouth marketing i.e. influencer marketing. Better awareness! Better Leads! Better Conversions! And Better ROI! MORE SALES! And MORE PORFIT!

How our influencer marketing platform can help brands?

Our content creators (Influencers) and marketing experts create unique content and devise the comprehensive influencer marketing strategy to utilize the trusted relationship between influencers and their followers to position your product superior. This way, we help businesses in increasing their awareness, leads and sales through positive engagement.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Brands approach influencer marketing agencies with a brief asking for a campaign that improves conversions, traffic, downloads, and/or awareness by working with influencers. Once appointed the agency would:

  • Make the creative and content strategy
  • Produce the campaign timeline
  • Find relevant insights on the brand, competitors, industry, and audience
  • Find and select the most relevant Influencers for the brand and campaign
  • Outreach to the influencers, brief them and contract them
  • Manage the influencers and produce the content with them
  • Report the success metrics in the campaign

An influencer marketing agency would typically charge a monthly management fee for managing their client’s influencer campaign. Sometimes they may charge a percentage fee for specific campaigns. In some cases, the agency fee may depend on the number of posts required. Because every influencer marketing campaign is different, agencies may customize the way they charge for each campaign. Depending on the size and sophistication of your influencer marketing campaign, agencies often charge between $1,000 and $18,000 per month.

While some firms prefer to run their Instagram influencer marketing campaigns internally, others prefer to work with an advertising agency, just as they have in the past with traditional advertising. As its name suggests, an Instagram influencer marketing agency is a specialist agency that works with brands wishing to use influencer marketing on Instagram. In recent years, Instagram has become the most popular social network for influencer marketing. Brands pay specialist Instagram agencies to create their campaigns, find influencers, and deliver the campaigns on their behalf.

With influencer marketing now an established industry, it is more challenging to start an influencer marketing agency and compete with the existing companies. As with all new businesses, you will need sufficient capital to get you through the early days of the business. It will also help if you already have influencer contacts or access to an existing influencer database. Clearly, you will need good people and communication skills and a solid understanding of how influencer marketing works.

Whether you work with an influencer marketing agency or manage your campaign internally, influencer marketing can be a highly effective marketing medium. As we discovered in our Influencer Marketing 2020 Study, the Influencer Marketing Industry was expected to grow to approximately $9.7B in 2020. The average earned media value per $1 spent increased to $5.78. 91% of survey respondents believed influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing