Google Ads: 10 Pros and Cons for Startups

Google Ads 10 Pros and Cons for Startups

Google Ads for Startups: Every business incorporates various marketing strategies for increasing the reach of the firm. In the era of advanced technology, online marketing is useful for reaching the maximum number of customers through the internet. Now, most of the business entities are emphasizing the integration of digital marketing with offline marketing. It happens to benefit the firms in terms of reaching potential customers in the world of the web. Among numerous digital marketing services, Google AdWords is the popular advertising program of Google that helps entities to promote their products and services through paid ads on Google. 

Google ads for startups are happening to be a perfect way of leveraging the power of the internet to widen the reach of the business. You must have heard about PPC campaigns using Google AdWords and its advantages in terms of strong visibility on SERP. However, Google AdWords service has a lot of benefits associated with it. 

Why Google Ads for Startups?

Today, people around the globe are highly dependent on the service of the internet; they instantly access the web, for whatever they want. So, business houses need to reach customers through the internet. Google ads are the ideal tool for promoting your new business in the world of the internet using online advertisement. 

Pros for Startups: Google ads

There are numerous advantages of Google AdWords that help businesses to reach maximum online users.

1. You Can Set Your Budget


Every business has a marketing budget, as per that the firms allocate their finances, The key advantage of Google ads is, you can spend as per the requirement. It does not demand any monthly commitment, you can change your budget anytime, and the price is set as per the clicks. The advertising program allows users to change their budgets daily according to sales goals.

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2. You Can Target Customers

target customer

Targeting the audience is vital for every marketer in both online and offline marketing. Whether you are opting for shopping ads or display ads, you can target specific customers through sophisticated tools. If the marketer wants to focus on a particular location or city, they can easily customize their setting in the AdWords. Google ads for startups are great as it is easier for the new business to place its ads targeting a specific set of customers in the world of the web.

3. Re-Marketing Based Targeting

The marketing campaigns of Google have a higher click-through rate (CTR) as the internet users are already familiar with the sites as well as the products or services. It will be easier for the business to convince their product over the competitors through re-marketing campaigns.

4. You Can Design Multiple Ads

Google ads offer to design your ads as per the requirement of your business, so Google ads for startups are considered as the most effective tool. It allows the marketer to choose the format from display ads, search ads, shopping ads, apps, and video. The goal of the versatile ads is to reach interested buyers.

5. It Is Cost-Effective

Running ad campaigns through Google at the online platform is cheaper than offline marketing. You can set your bid on the advertising platform as per your budget. Therefore, Google ads for startups is suitable for the overall budget of marketing. 

6. Enhance Visibility

Though search engine optimization is effective for strong visibility in the world of the internet, the paid marketing service of Google helps the business to appear on the SERP instantly. As SEO takes time to make the website visible in Google ads serves as an instant tool. 

7. You Have Complete Control

The marketer has full control of the ad campaign with Google Adwords, and the planning, and optimization of the ads are as per the requirement of the business. The business will have to pay only for the service it acquires, not more than that.

Cons For Startups: Google ads

Along with a lot of pros, there are cons of Google ads for startupswhich you should know before choosing it as your advertisement tool. 

8. It Requires Expertise

Knowing the basics of Google ads is not enough to run an effective campaign for the business in the long run. When small businesses are considered the marketing should be even more potent to increase the reach on a larger scale. Learning the operation of the marketing tool is not the job of a single day. In this case, Google AdWords agency can help startups to reach their advertising goals. The companies providing digital marketing services for startups can assist you in running your marketing campaign in the digital world effectively. 

9. Competitive Segments

When it comes to monitoring success, Google AdWords is the most challenging platform on the internet. The competition is high in today’s market, regardless of the size of your business. When you target the same keyword, in a similar segment, Google expects the marketer to pay more for advertising. Google ads for startups sometimes get pricey due to this.

10. The Strict Policies

Strict Policies

When you choose the advertising platform for Google, you should be aware of the policies of the advertising program. The marketer is bound to obey the rules of advertising when using marketing tools. There are times when Google ads prohibit specific content, which can be inconvenient for the business. With digital marketing for small businessesyou can overcome these issues as the management experts handle your ad campaigns. 

Professional digital marketing agencies provide them with the best Google AdWords service, considering the benefits of Google ads for startups.